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Whoops. I ought to put this here just b/c it's pretty noticeable.

Duck built Charlie a stilted hut in the Hamlet near the waterfall, and it's quite a bit different from any of the wikiups he might have churned out for anyone before. In the part of his brain that admits to nerdiness and improbable character knowledge, he's calling them Island Life, Generation 2.

It looks like this!

They're cool and I stole them from Cambodia, the stilts keep out more animals and ground moisture, and the slats open up like zees:

to let in a breeze, making them much cooler than a wikiup.

And he's now building himself and Geoffrey a larger one with a porch. If anybody else wants one, you've only to ask him :D

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Hi! I was wondering if anyone wanted to do Christmas Day type threads, though backdated a little because am not actually going to be on to play on Chrismtas Eve or Day, really...but Christopher Robin has made a lot of paper chains and such to decorate the tree with, and he has some presents, so I thought I'd toss it out there. :)

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Hey guys,

Anne and Ariel's wedding is going to be Friday, the first of December, but because that's probably going to be a day of 500 posts because it's going to snow, we're posting it early in Anne's journal on Thursday Nov 30th. The post will be the reception and the Hamlet has been invited. It's going to be at the small waterfall in the Hamlet, and fairly small, no dress code, usual wedding stuff. Details will be in the post!
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So I had a possibly fun/possibly dumb idea for Halloween. Despite his current depressing situation Ray would like something nice for the kids for one of his favorite holidays, and I was thinking that the Hamlet could serve as a place to trick or treat for the island kidlets (Christopher Robin, Scout, Sunny, Samara, Stewie... eta: and possibly not some so young :P). I could talk to Eostre's mun, and since she came to Thanksgiving I could work out something where she and Ray met so he knows she makes candy, and maybe get Eostre to make some candy and other treats for the Hamlet residents to pass out (I'm sure Anne, and maybe some others? would like to help).

As far as how the post would go, maybe each hut could make a top level comment (which yeah, means some threeway threads), and whatever kids want to tag them for treats can?

And then maybe have a seperate post for a Halloween party, if anyone is interested. That would probably depend on if there's already going to be one posted at the Compound or whatever.

So anyway...ideas?

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Okies, it can't really be put off any longer, so here's a proposition for how Fraser's disappearance can be spread/known through the Hamlet.

Since there's no official exit post or time of disappearance or anything, how does everyone feel about saying yesterday (Thursday) Horatio and Ray woke up to a Fraser-less world?

They'd have spent the day looking, I imagine, and as of today, would be telling people that he was gone.

Cj, Leah, Ash, Hikaru - I think Vecchio and Frannie and Christopher Robin and Scout would be among the first told, as they're the most directly affected. I also think Ray and Horatio would be putting as brave a front on it as they could, especially with the children.

Becca - I suppose we can talk about Vimes and the IPD here. Ray and Horatio will both be resigning temporarily, so between me, you, Kara, and CJ, we can figure out how that will go down, making Vimes and Vecchio the heads for now. I think eventually Ray and Horatio will both want back on, Horatio especially would see it as a duty to pick up where Fraser left off, but that will be some time from now. We can work that however/whenever.

Ho's going to announce both his and Ray's resignation from the running in the council speeches, as well as both of their temporary resignations from the IPD, as well as Fraser's disappearance. Then he's going to bugger off in case of questioning, b/c I'm honestly not sure how much of this I can stand to play out.

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To recap:

Fraser's going to make a post to the main comm tomorrow for Thanksgiving. It'll be a gathering post for all Hamlet residents, Canadians, and anyone who brings food, etc. So basically I'm assuming we'll assume here that our pups already know about it happening having been informed by either Fraser or Geoffrey, and they can bring food and themselves and a friend or five and tag in.
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Thanksgiving is on Monday for Canadians, which, as we all know, makes up a good portion of the Hamlet.

Did anyone want to do anything for this?

I know for my part RayK is American, Ariel was a mermaid, and Mamet isn't used to celebrating stuff like that so he wouldn't think to do anything. So as far as organizing anything my three pups are useless. However if factions are just doing stuff together, like the curlers as a group and the dS-ers as another group, etc, that's cool too, I'm just wondering.

In other news, fic is the devil and I should have been asleep hours ago.
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Fraser's Birthday

Just an FYI that Fraser's birthday was Sunday, Sept. 3rd.

He wouldn't have wanted a big birthday party, but if friends wanted to pass along gifts and backdate threads that works for me. Just let me know.

PS--Fraser still has a present for Frannie that was never given in game. Let me know how you want to handle that?