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hidden_hamlet's Journal

the Hidden Hamlet
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For all Hidden Hamlet residents, anyone who lives near the Hidden Hamlet, anyone who knows someone who lives in the Hidden Hamlet, anyone who wants a wikiup in the Hidden Hamlet, the GCA (Gaynadian-Canadian Alliance), all Callum Keith Rennie clones, and the nice folks on Fire Island.

(The Hidden Hamlet is a community of wikiups thusly named by one Anne Shirley)

anne shirley, bbqs, bullit, cage dancing, curlers, curling, curling curlers, gaynadians (canadians too), mangos, naked mounties, pax, pig roasts with hen wen, pineapple pizza, playing cops and robbers, poutine, pretty witty and gay sailors, punk rock music, science!, the 5 p's, using vecchio's armani for bedding, wikiups of luv